Learning languages: the language gene doesn't exist! It's all in your mind!

January 31, 2017

The language gene doesn’t exist. It’s all in your mind and in your attitude towards learning. The keys? Here they are! Some irrational beliefs can hinder learning. We invite you to reflect on them and afterwards watch the video “Hacking Language Learning” by Benny Lewis at TED Talks.

  • Learning must be easy! But… You can’t get anything without making an effort!
  • I’m too old for this! But… Age is no excuse! The brain is plastic and adapt to new circumstances quickly. The more you exercise, the more it feels like growing!
  • My memory is so bad! But… Memory is like a muscle. The more you exercise, the more it grows! And images can help a lot!
  • I’m going to frustrate native speakers with my awful pronunciation! But… Most native speakers are more than happy to hear a foreigner try to speak their language!
  • I want to speak perfect English/German/Spanish… But… Perfection doesn’t exist! Not even native speakers speak perfectly! Being too perfectionist can hinder learning too!
  • I’m in a hurry! I need to speak in a short time! But… Good things come to those who wait! Patience is a virtue and it definitely helps people meet their objectives.


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