• Do I have to do a level test before registration?

    Yes, it is necessary to do a level test in order to choose the right course for each student. Students of all languages must do so, with the exception of beginners.

    How many students are there in each group?

    Groups comprise a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 10.

    Do you do private classes or private group classes?

    Yes, we can arrange for individual classes or private groups of 2 or more students. Contact the secretary for information on fees.

    Do you do intensive classes?

    Yes, we can organize intensive and semi-intensive courses of all languages during the months of July and September. We can also organise intensive and semi intensive courses throughout the course, depending on the demand.

    When does the course start and how many hours do you do?

    The course starts in October and ends in June. There are 3 hours of classes per week divided into 2 sessions of 1.5 hours or one 3 hour session. See timetables.

    What do the students do in class?

    We work on oral comprehension, oral expression, reading comprehension and written expression. To do this we work with grammatical structures, vocabulary and different strategies to promote learning. The courses must follow the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the European Commission.

    What methodology do you use?

    The classes are participatory, of a practical nature and are interesting and communicative. As the groups are small, everybody will feel comfortable to participate in all activities. It fosters the reading, the interest in the countries where the language is spoken are studied and encourages study at home and surrounded the language chosen to advance in the learning.

    Do you do tests during the course?

    The teaching staff carried out continuous assessment by doing class tests, oral presentations and correction of written texts at the end of each unit. In February, we do the mandatory first semester exams in which all skills are evaluated; and in June we do the mandatory end of course exam which determine if students can move up to the next level.

    Which official exams can you prepare for at MLS?

    ENGLISH: We prepare our students for the Cambridge Learning Assessment of the University of Cambridge and students do the exam in the British Council of Barcelona: PRELIMINARY (B1), FIRST (B2), ADVANCED (C1) y PROFICIENCY (C2). We also prepare students for business English exams BEC (Business English Certificate) levels B1, B2 y C1 of the University of Cambridge.

    GERMAN: We prepare our students for the official GOETHE-INSTITUT exams at levels B1, B2 y C1, as well as German for work purposes (Deutsch für den Beruf).

    FRENCH: We prepare our students for the DELF and DALF exams of the French Institute, as well as certificates in commercial French at levels B1, B2 y C1.

    Other languages: contact the secretary.

    Are all teachers appropriately qualified?

    All our teachers, both native and non-native, are appropriately qualified with degrees in philology, translation and CELTA or DELTA (certificates and diplomas for teaching English to adults, teens and young children).

    In addition, our team of teachers is continually growing professionally by attending conventions, seminars and courses.

    We also carry out internal training sessions and discussions of methodology in MLS for the entire teaching team. They ere enthusiastic professionals who are interested in their students learning and make them give their very best

    If I register for 2 or more languages, is there a discount?

    Yes, there is a discount. Contact the secretary.

    If more than one family member registers, is there a discount?

    Yes you only pay one registration fee per family.

    Do you organise classes abroad?

    MLS collaborates with an English School in Cambridge that offers intensive and extensive courses throughout the year. We also collaborate with two institutions that organise language trips, stays with or without classes, classes in your teacher’s home, language classes with leisure activities etc. You can practice languages abroad!

    If my company pays for the course, is there a discount or EU funding?

    MLS has all the necessary documentation in order for your company to fund your course. Also our specialised personnel of the Department of Funding manages this with the ‘Fundación Tripartita’.

    Where do classes take place?

    Classes take place in MLS facilities and also in companies, private homes or other facilities such as meeting rooms, or wherever the customers decides they want to do their classes. Call and ask us for a quotation!

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