• We help companies and workers to grow professionally and to be more competitive.

  • Since 1987, MLS (Martorell Language School) has trained hundreds of employees from companies in Martorell and the surrounding area.

    • In-company Classes

      Everyday Language, Language for your job or a combination of both. You tell us you what you need!

    • Private Classes one-to-one

      Content is adapted to the individual needs and level of each student.

    • Personalised Courses

      Specialised sessions focusing on specific skill areas.

    • Crash-courses

      Super-intensive courses to achieve the highest possible performance in record time.

    • Personnel selection

      We perform linguistic testing as part of personnel selection processes for your company.

    • Linguistic Audits

      We audit employees linguistic abilities for the process of internal promotion or customers other needs.

    • Processessing of FTFE (Fundación Tripartita) discounts

      MLS (Martorell Language School) offers the service of processing the continuing education discounts offered by the Fundación Tripartita for in-company training.

    • Translation and Interpretation

      We have a team of specialised translators and interpreters who provide efficient service with a proven track record of quality.

  • Registration Now Open

    If you would like a quotation or any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. YOU CAN START THE COURSE AT ANY TIME!