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julio 12, 2016
In this space we will share ideas and worries related to the acquisition of languages, with the world of education and other topics we think may be of interest to you. Opinions, reflections, articles, videos…

To begin with we would like to share a video about the benefits of multilingualism. The video is in English but you can activate subtitles in various languages if necessary.

We hope that you like it and that it makes you think!

You will discover that the advantages of learning languages are awe-inspiring: a world of opportunities and new skills opens up to all those who learn other languages, as well as neurodevelopmental, emotional, social, interpersonal skills and open-mindedness. You will understand a whole new world that speaks other languages and see the world from the perspective of a new culture… The opportunities are endless! ☺

Welcome to the wonderful world of multilingualism!
The Advantages of Multilingual Brains / Las Ventajas del Cerebro Multilingüe


Welcome to our language school blog!


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